AH! Zombies!

We all love that spine-tingling feeling that Halloween brings with it. The month of October is the best time to sit down with a book that raises your heart rate and gives you goose bumps. There is something special about sitting down to watch a movie that leaves you with nightmares and chills. It appears that all the rage these days is content with zombies. October should be officially named “Zombie Apocalypse” month. In fact, if you search online you will find hundreds of websites devoted to helping people prepare in case zombies attack. This might seem over the top, but people are certainly fixated on this idea at the moment. Windsor Public Library can get you started on making your very own ‘zombie survival kit’ by providing you with plenty of entertainment that should have you prepared in case disaster strikes.

I’ve just finished watching the new season of Fear the Walking Dead, and cannot wait for the next season of The Walking Dead to start on Sunday. If you need to play catch-up, no problem! WPL carries seasons 1-5 of The Walking Dead. If you’ve missed out on this show, but have heard all about Rick, Daryl, Michonne and The Governor (AHHHHH!!) then now is the time to get going. If you’re a fan of the show, but haven’t read the books, then you’ll love getting your hands on the graphic novels. You can look at a list of those here.

If you are looking for more movie/book combos, then both World War Z and Warm Bodies will fit that bill. World War Z has an interesting take on the zombie apocalypse in that it is written as a series of individual stories that narrate what happened when the zombie plague broke out. The movie by the same name stars Brad Pitt as the United Nations investigator who is attempting to solve the disaster. Warm Bodies is a less graphic book, and in which the undead actually become “humane”. At the center of it all is the character “R” who is a zombie himself. In the movie adaptation Nicholas Hoult (X-Men, Mad Max) plays that character and brings to it a lot of sympathy.

Perhaps all you are looking for is a zombie movie to sit down to for a couple hours of entertainment. If that is the case then we have you covered. WPL carries a wide array of these flicks, from Shaun of the Dead which is a horror comedy featuring Simon Pegg, as a character trying to deal with familial issues while at the same time trying to stop the zombie takeover. To the Resident Evil films, which take on a more explicit and horror-themed approach to the outbreak of zombies. Another comedy we have is Zombieland, featuring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone, as characters who travel across the U.S. is search of a refuge from the zombies. As a side note, there is a book called Alice in Zombieland…who knew?

Needless to say, our collection at WPL is chalk full of zombie related material, and these were just a few mere suggestions. Be sure to have a look at these to get you in the Halloween mood, while also preparing you for that oncoming apocalypse. Also, if you are interested in reading a book to your young ones, I’d suggest Zombelina, it is a great little story that teaches an important message.

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