Keep Reading Over the Summer to Avoid the Summer Slide

With kids out of school many parents are worrying about how to keep their children reading over the summer. We know it’s important to keep kids reading to avoid the summer slide and every child has different reading needs so maintaining literacy over the summer will mean different things for different kids. Kids can fall anywhere on the spectrum from reluctant readers to those so voracious it’s hard to keep up with their reading needs.

What do you do when a picky reader runs out of books in their favourite series or by their favourite author? What do you do if you can’t seem to get a child to read anything at all? How do you keep children engaged as they outgrow previous favourites?

Summer reading can seem daunting but caregivers have access to more resources to keep kids reading than ever before. Take advantage of summer to make sure your child is reading at grade level by reading some of the classics listed in this excellent post from Lifehacker, explore recommendations from James Patterson’s wonderful resource Read Kiddo Read, or use one of WPL’s many resources like Novelist to help kids find the right book for them and empower them to make reading choices.

The summer is a great time to develop a lifelong and nurture a love of books and experiment with more challenging reading that may not be feasible during the school year. Perhaps your child is currently working on the transition to chapter books or you want to read some high quality picture books together that won’t make you cringe. You might also help your child by finding books that are similar to books they already enjoy like Captain Underpants, Harry Potter, or The Magic Treehouse. The goal is to keep them reading and maintain and develop their literacy skills

Of course, now is a great time to come by the library to enjoy our programs and resources. Don’t be shy about taking out multiple books for your child so that they’ll have exciting choices and be able to find one that clicks for them. Children may not love every book but with so many wonderful options there’s a perfect book for every child.

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