May Reads

May was a lazy reading month for me, I’ve only got through two titles!  I took the picture for this months post at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL. They have an amazing dinosaur exhibit and this particular dinosaur is SUE the T-Rex!

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (I Own but Never Read)
I love love love the Jurassic Park movies. And in light of the upcoming premier of Jurassic World, I was all too excited to read the original novel. I was pleasantly surprised that the plot was very similar to the movie but had some great additions that gave great depth to the story.  I particularly enjoyed some additional Tyrannosaurus scenes and a Pterosaur Enclosure. The book was fast-paced, thrilling and terrifying at times. Anyone who’d like to brush up on their fictional dinosaur information before the new Jurassic movie is released will really enjoy Crichton’s original novel. Check out the book, eBook, or movies.

50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius Jamil Shariff (Number in the Title)
This was a non-fiction title that caught my eye while browsing our OverDrive Collection. Always on the lookout for a new and exciting activity for home or work, I couldn’t resist. 50 Green Projects highlighted different ways to understand how our actions impact the world we live in. It’s broken down into 14 different ways we can make our lives more environmentally friendly. Though some of the projects were a bit too involved for me (Installing PV Panels on your Roof), I really enjoyed some of the smaller projects like “Project 1: Estimating Your Existing Transportation Related Emissions.” This is a great book for anyone wanting to understand more about the environmental movement and its scientific basis. This title is available as a physical book and an eBook.

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