Technology at Windsor Public Library Studied in Europe

Windsor Public Library has always been at the leading edge of introducing new technology to our users.  From the early days of replacing card catalogues with computers to search for items, to our current services of offering digital items in the form of books, music and even movies,  we have striven to provide the best that technology has to offer.

In 2012, WPL became the first public library in Canada to offer Self-Publishing services, with the addition of the Espresso Book Machine™ to our collection.  This technology has given the residents of our area not only the opportunity to obtain rare, out-of-print copies of books, but has been the means by which users can produce their own books.

Our service has been noticed!  Several other Canadian public library systems have followed suit (including Edmonton Public Library and Toronto Public Library), and the addition of the EBM™ even attracted the attention of a Master’s student, Radvile Gintauskaite, in Demark.  In studying the effectiveness of the Espresso Book Machines available world-wide, she examined how they are used in various settings, including Windsor Public Library.  To read her thesis, click here.

For more information on services we offer, like Hoopla, Overdrive or our databases, contact us at 519-255-6770 x 4434 or use the “Ask A Librarian” form.  For more information on the Self-Publishing service or Espresso Book Machine, call extension 4603 or email

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