Freedom to Read Week

Join WPL in celebrating Freedom to Read Week, taking place February 22-28. Freedom to Read Week is an annual event during which Canadians are encouraged to reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom. Guaranteed to Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, intellectual freedom is the right of individuals to access and receive information, expressions of ideas, and points of view without restriction.

Windsor Public Library is encouraging our users to participate in Freedom to Read Week by selecting a challenged book to read during this event. Challenged books have been attempted to be removed or have access to them restricted in bookstores, schools, and libraries. Click here for a list of challenged works with information about the reason for these challenges and the outcome. Reaffirm your right to intellectual freedom by picking one of these books for Freedom to Read Week. If you’ve read any (or would like to) join the discussion on social media #freedomtoread.

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