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Oops. We’re having a little trouble with our email. If you received an email notice from the library today that reads “Symantec Mail Security replaced Message Body with this text message. The original text contained prohibited subject and was quarantined” please feel free to ignore or delete it. It is not a virus and will not harm your computer, but if you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact the library.


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    Can I email something to the library to have it printed

    • madeinwindsor says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer an email print service. However, you can certainly bring in a USB, log into one of our public computers to open your documents and print them out that way. You can also access email through these public computers so you can choose to email the documents to yourself if you don’t have a USB. To log onto a public computer you’ll either need an active WPL library card or use one of our 15-minute Express Terminals. Staff will be more than happy to assist you with any printing help you need at the library. Please note that our current printing charges are $0.25 per black and white page and $0.75 per colour page.

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