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In our most recent social media contest, we asked people to describe their ideal library.
Here are a few of the entries. Notice any trends?

Coffee Collage

Since we don’t have a coffee shop in the library, we are going to do the next best thing and bring the library to the coffee shop! We’ll be at the Green Bean Café on Ouellette tomorrow night (November 13th) from 6:00-8:00 p.m. for Appy Hour.

Appy Hour is the library-land version of happy hour; but, like all things in library-land, it’s better because it’s free. Join us for a coffee and a cookie, and we’ll show you how to access free movies, TV shows, magazines, newspapers, eBooks, Audiobooks and more using free Apps that are available exclusively to library customers. If you bring your tablet or smart phone we’ll even help to get you set up right on the spot. If you don’t have a library card, don’t worry – just bring a piece of ID (anybody who resides in Essex County can sign up for free), and we will create a card for you right then and there.

If you’re interested in our Apps, but don’t have a device, come anyways; many of these eResources can be accessed from a regular computer – we’ll send you home with a step-by-step instruction guide. Also, if you are planning on purchasing a tablet for yourself or somebody else, we are happy to offer recommendations on which devices are compatible with our Apps.


Overdrive: By far our most popular eResource, it contains eBooks & eAudiobooks for all ages. We have over 10,000 titles that cover a wide assortment of genres: Fiction, Non-fiction, Cookbooks, DIY, Biographies, Technology, Travel Guides, and more.

Hoopla: If iTunes and Netflix got together and had a baby, the result would be something like Hoopla. It’s a one-stop-shop for movies, TV shows, music, and audiobooks.

Zinio: If you like magazines, then Zinio is for you. You can borrow as many digital magazines as you want, and you can keep them forever…or at least until you run out of storage on your device. There are over 40 popular titles to choose from, including Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health, PC World, Apple, Oprah, and Rolling Stone.

We hope to see you there! If this event interests you, but you are unable to attend, be sure to check our program guide for App Café’s, which are held on a monthly basis and cover much of the same material.

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