Staff Book Review – I’ll Give You the Sun

Today’s book review comes to us from WPL staffer, Jodie!



I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Yes, I’m one of those adults who often forays into the YA section. Picked this one up as it was a “Big Read” that came through a Twitter feed and it just happened to be sitting new and unread on the library shelf. It’s the story of teen aged twins (fraternal–a boy and a girl) who have a falling out over…you guessed it…a guy. Noah tells the story of the 13 year old twins, and Jude from the 16 year old perspective. By the end both stories are intertwined (and you’re sitting there screaming…”Talk to each other”) and so are all of the characters. A lot of mystery, superstition, as well as typical teen angst. Pick this one up before the holds list grows; it’s already in production stages of hitting the big screen!

Want to read Jodie’s pick? Click here to place a hold or find an available copy.

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