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E-Resources to the Rescue!

Do you ever feel like your course load is getting you down? Are you working on a stream of never ending projects? Windsor Public Library has some good news! We have lots of great databases to help you make the most of your research. “What the heck is a database?”, you might ask. And it’s a great question! Our databases, or electronic resources, as they are sometimes called, are full of great information from newspapers, magazines, journals, encyclopedias and ebooks. You know that you’re getting well-written, authoritative information for your projects and papers. Lots of current and up-to-date information is available from these sources since new information is constantly being added. One of the greatest features of the databases is that they can be accessed via internet from home 24/7. All you need to log in is your library card number (on the back of you card) and your PIN number.

Now that you know about our databases, you might be wondering how to access them. All you have to do is visit our website (and you already know how to do that because you got here, right?) and find the tab at the top of the page marked, ‘Research’ and then click on the ‘Databases’ tab. You’ll then see all of our databases listed. You’ll even see that resources for teens are clearly marked, although you can feel free to use any one you like.  Simply choose the database that best meets your needs and click. You’ll now be asked to log in using the library card and pin # and then you’re in business. You’re free to research your heart out and find lots of great, current and trustworthy information for your papers and projects.

A couple of our favourite databases for high school include:

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre – this database is a dream resource if you’re writing a paper. It provides information on topics from politics and government to technology and bioethics. The information is organized is a way that’s very easy to follow and each article provides lots of great information. It also has a great feature that presents the information as points and counterpoints to a topic or specific argument. The information is organized by source including Canadian newspapers or magazines, reference books etc. We love this resource for it’s ease of use and helpful tips. It even provides helpful hints on writing a great essay.

Teen Health and Wellness – If you’re looking for any health and wellness related information then this is the database for you! This database is easy to use when both browsing or searching for information. It is organized by subject matter (eg. Diseases, Infections and Conditions) and then topic (eg. Celiac Disease). Each article is quite detailed and even provides further resources and reading lists so you’ll have lots of great information. Teen Health and Wellness not only provides information for research purposes but also for daily life. They have articles on topics from mental health to skills for school and work life which includes everything from online ethics to choosing the right college or university for you. An all-round awesome resource!

There’s even a Teen Health and Wellness app when you need information on the go. Click here to download it.

We have many more helpful databases for all areas of study. Just click here to access our lists of databases. If you need help choosing the right resource for you, just stop by your favorite WPL branch and talk to staff. We’re always happy to help you find what you need!








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