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 Today’s review comes to us courtesy of  Teen Advisory Group member, Anna.
This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
   Growing up with a mother who’s currently working through husband number five, Remy knows exactly how to deal with her romantic life. Previously, Remy’s had a fair amount of boyfriends and has always known to break up with all of them before anything gets too serious. When Dexter and his messy, disorganized band and his sloppy dog enters Remy’s life, it seems like her whole life turns around. Dexter and Remy are both so stubborn and persistent in opposite ways that it seems impossible for them to be together, but with some love strange science, they do. After a few months, Remy’s friends begin to realize that something is wrong– why aren’t Dexter and Remy breaking up? The problem is, every time Remy tries to let the string go looser, she finds herself holding on to it tighter. Can it be that Remy’s found the love of her life?
   Sarah Dessen brings reality into her this novel and creates the characters so all of us teens can feel the way Remy feels. Even though it’s a quick read, this novel teaches us something about taking a leap at faith in love even though a soft landing is not guaranteed. When I chewed my way through the details in this novel, I figured out Remy’s broken past and it really touched my heart how important love was in her life. When Dexter entered her life, it was almost pure chance that Remy reached out and gave him a shot. Even though Dexter was disorganized and unbearable, Dessen creates his character so perfect for Remy that I really felt for him and recognized how important he was in Remy’s life. He taught her a lessen that we all have to learn. And all readers and begin by flipping open this book.
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