Newcomer Services

Windsor Public Library offers materials in 25 languages, in addition to English and French, and provides programs, services and resources to help newcomers settle into our community:



  1. Albanian – Libra në shqi
  2. Arabic
  3. Bosnian – Bosansk
  4. Chinese
  5. Croatian – Hrvatsk
  6. German – Deutch
  7. Gujarati
  8. Hindi
  9. Hungarian – Magyar
  10. Italian – Italian
  11. Persian/Farsi
  12. Punjabi
  13. Polish – Polski
  14. Romanian – Român
  15. Russian
  16. Serbian
  17. Somali – Soomaliy
  18. Spanish – Español
  19. Tagalog
  20. Urdu
  21. Vietnamese – Tiêng Viêt

Resources at the Central branch include: books for adults, books for children including dual language books, magazines, daily newspapers, books, CDs, and DVDs.

To find library resources in your language, go to our catalogue and select Advanced Search. Choose your language in the “Language” field.  Note that the library has items in only the languages listed above.

Resources on-line include:  books for adults and children, and daily newspapers.  You will need a library card to access these resources.


We provide access to music and television shows and movies online, for those with a library card.


Windsor Public Library has a rich collection of “English as a Second Language” (ESL) materials, which include dictionaries, CDs, DVDs, language learning guides and test preparation books.  Books cover TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC.

Citizenship Preparation information can be found here ou ici.

A library card will also provide access to online practice tests at the Learning Express Citizenship, TOEFL and TOEIC Centre.

English Conversation Circles are held at several branches.  Our program guide provides details.


If you want to learn a new Language, WPL has language learning materials from Albanian to Zulu.  Search our catalogue using the terms “self-instruction and <name of language>”.


There are many links in our Career & Job Searching section on programs for recent immigrants.


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