Interlibrary Loan Request


Interlibrary loan service (ILLO) provides delivery of requested library materials between library systems in Ontario.
As a result of the 50% budget cut to Ontario Library systems (SOLS and OLS-North) by the provincial government, support for Interlibrary loan service across the province has been suspended.
Windsor Public Library is therefore unable to fill Interlibrary loan requests at this time and will not be accepting additional requests until further notice.

This does not affect the sharing and delivery of materials between Windsor Public Library branches.

We will provide updates to the Interlibrary loan service as they become available.

Please note:

ILLO due dates for ILLO items currently on loan remain the same.
We are not accepting ILLO requests at this time.
We have removed the online ILLO request form from the WPL website.
Loans of microfilm are not affected by this change and can be emailed to

2 Responses to "Interlibrary Loan Request"

  1. Tammy Robison says:

    Will previous ILLO requests be fulfilled? What about those that have already been processed? Can I expect any outstanding ILLO requests to still arrive?

    • Chris Woodrow says:

      All ILLO requests that had arrived and been processed as of April 23 will still be available for pick up. Customers would have been notified as per the regular holds notification procedure. All other ILLO requests will not be fulfilled at this time. Staff are working to contact all customers that had made requests to let them know that they have been suspended.

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