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Let’s Get Digital: researching with microfilm and microfiche

The Windsor Public Library has a large collection of microfilms. One of the largest components of the microfilm collection is the Windsor Star (Border Cities Star, The Evening Record) from 1893 to the present.

Hard copies (paper printouts) may be made from the microfilms.

Our newest machine, the Minolta MS 6000 digital microfilm reader allows the researcher to print hard copies of articles, or to save to a computer file.

Small files may be saved on memory sticks.

Larger files may be saved on cd-roms or memory sticks.

An enhanced image can be produced by our Digitization Office.
(May take up to 3 days for completion, $5.00 charge applies).

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  1. M mallen says:

    Hi looking for an article from June 28 or 29, 1945 about a young girl drifting in a boat on detroit river landing in Detroit being held by immigration .Everyone looking for her . I KNOW THE Detroit Free Press ran the story was wondering if the Windsor Daily ran it. Thanks for your help.

  2. M. J. Ferrari says:

    My 90 year old father used to make a Christmas cake every year that he found in the Star. He must have started in the 1970’s or 80’s. It was a white cake with cherries and lots of fruit very moist and tasty. I have looked among his and my papers and am unable to locate it. So it would have been published in a Christmas edition of the Star starting sometime in the 60’s or 70’s – full page with photo. Thanks.

  3. Linda Pringle says:

    I am working on ancestry of my family and my husbands I would like to know if you have newspapers on line dating about 1860 to about 1892 windsor area and do you have a website I can check out about my families thank you

  4. Hi, Do you have the back volumes of Rempart (French language newspaper) on microfilm? The historian is especially interested in late 1990s to early 2000s. If you get it on microfilm, where does it come from? Judging from the library catalogue, you appear to keep only current issues in print. Please advise. thanks! Desmond. @ Laurentian U.

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      I have forwarded your question to our Local History expert. He is currently out of the office until Nov 27, but will get back to you asap.

  5. Mary-Ann says:

    A picture was posted in November (2004) of Paul Diemer and Jennifer Hall skating on the Charles Park Square Ice rink where Paul swept Jennifer off her feet with a kiss. They are looking for an electronic version of this article, we are hoping you locate it. Both names are listed in the article. Thanks for your time, fingers crossed!

  6. Robert Browning says:

    Do you have any Detroit newspapers in your microfilm collection?

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      Yes we do have some Detroit papers in our microfilm collection. Here are the holdings:

      Detroit Advertiser and Tribune: Jul. 10, 1862-Dec. 1868

      And the Detroit Free Press:
      Jun 5, 1837 – Dec. 31, 1839;
      Jan.1, 1850 – Jun 9, 1863;
      Jan. 1, 1869 – Jun. 3, 1876;
      Jan 1, 1880 – Jan. 2, 1881.

  7. Windsor Public Library says:

    The Windsor Daily Star was renamed The Windsor Star in 1959.
    The Star’s changing name
    The Windsor Record (1888)
    The Border Cities Star (1918)
    The Windsor Daily Star (1935)
    The Windsor Star (1959)

    This link will bring you to the first page of the Windsor Daily Star dated from October 2, 1935 (though the Google version of the newspaper doesn’t seem complete). Unluckily, I wasn’t able to find the specific article browsing quickly through the pages of the Windsor Daily Star. If you follow the link, zoom out using the magnifying glass then click on the right arrow near the top of the page to go to the next page, hopefully you will have better luck than I had.

    For more information, you can call Tom Vadjik, Librarian, at 519-255-6770, or come to the library and browse through our microfiches. On line, you can also request the help of a librarian using the Ask a librarian service which is accessible from this page.

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