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Let’s Get Digital: researching with microfilm and microfiche

The Windsor Public Library has a large collection of microfilms. One of the largest components of the microfilm collection is the Windsor Star (Border Cities Star, The Evening Record) from 1893 to the present.

Hard copies (paper printouts) may be made from the microfilms.

Our newest machine, the Minolta MS 6000 digital microfilm reader allows the researcher to print hard copies of articles, or to save to a computer file.

Small files may be saved on memory sticks.

Larger files may be saved on cd-roms or memory sticks.

An enhanced image can be produced by our Digitization Office.
(May take up to 3 days for completion, $5.00 charge applies).

26 Responses to "Digital Services"

  1. Patrick Winkler says:

    Looking for a front page article from the Windsor Star from the summer of 1974 ( believe a record high temperature day). There is a picture of two babies on the beach, Patrick and Stephan Winkler from Toledo, Ohio. Don’t know if you can help locate a copy.

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      As the request is not very precise time wise I am not sure we will be able to find anything, but I sent your request to our specialist. He will get back to you asap directly through email.

  2. Brendan Stevenson says:

    Looking for June 23rd 2007 front page of sports section. Article titled “Fortress Stevenson:”

  3. Mark Menard says:

    Hello, I am looking for a picture and some narrative that accompanied it that appeared on the front page of the newspaper I believe between July 1-15 in 1973. The picture is of 3 male teenagers being lectured by a Windsor Police Officer after they tried to cross the Detroit River in an inner tube.

  4. Jocelyn Holmes says:

    Looking for photos of when Pierre Trudeau visited Windsor
    November 12,1969
    December 11, 1969
    June 19, 1974

    Not 100% certain of the date of the visit.

  5. Joan Allen says:

    If you can help I am looking for an article where a man was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in Windsor on little river road it was her stepbrother and I believe it was in the newspaper on November 28 29th or 30th in that time frame in 1989.
    It took place I believe st 8245 Little River Rd in Windsor Ont.On November 28 1989.
    I was the victim and it was in the newspaper twice that week. Thanks Kindly..

  6. Donna Coo says:

    I am looking for an obituary in the Windsor Star November 10, 2000 for Gordon C. Shepley. How can I obtain this information?

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      I have forwarded your question to our Genealogy Department. Someone will get back to you asap.

  7. jennifer brough says:


    Sometime in August 1963 my uncle, Leslie Eric Lucas, while working in the US, crossed the border from the US into Windsor on a vacation. Tragically, he died aged 41 years on 22nd August from an apparent sudden onset brain haemorrhage. He was buried at the Victoria Memorial Cemetery, Windsor on 4th September 1963. He was buried under the name Wesley Eric Lucas. I would like to find out if there was anything reported in the Windsor Star (or previous name of newspaper) about his death. Perhaps a story, a police report, or even an obituary. I’m guessing that he could be listed under Leslie or Wesley with the surname of Lucas. He was a British citizen.

    Thank you in advance for your help with this issue.

    Best regards

  8. B. Gilbert says:

    Looking for the OBIT of WWI CEF veteran from the 153rd Wellington Battalion. Hoping it is in the archives of the Windsor Star. Vincent McCullough died at the IODE Hospital Windsor 11 Oct. 1960. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to find out where he was buried and if he has a headstone or not. As a veteran he is entitled to a Military Headstone.

  9. geneinne bondy says:

    I am looking for two articles….a 1968 murder of Bonnie Jean Norris… and remington park murder of a young woman I think her last name was Sawchuck?

    Also I can’t understand why their murders are not accessible as they need to be remembered in some way.

  10. Marie Mills Demeter says:

    My husband immigrated to Canada June 10, 1949. His family was put on the wrong train and they ended up in the north. The Red Cross searched for them. There was a photo published on page 16 The Windsor Daily Star, Thursday June 16, 1949.
    I’m writing to see if there was a story written along with the photo.
    The heading is D.P.’s Saw a Lot of Canada in Round-about Trip to Essex County.
    If this is not stored in your archives could you please advise where I might find it. Thank you.

  11. bernard gloster says:

    My father, Barney Gloster, went to Ottawa in 1942-43 to take photos of Winston Churchill , who was addressing Parliament. Dad was head of photo dept. for the Windsor Star. There was one great shot of Winnie on the steps under the arches, but I can no longer find it. Can you help , Please

  12. Mike DeBaets says:

    I doing some research on a former friend that was murdered in Windsor in 1991. I believe it happened at 3539 Queen Street, Windsor.
    Is where I got the info, would you have any newspaper articles on this? Thanks

  13. Jeffrey P Lambert says:

    I am trying to locate a particular article that was in the Windsor Star sometime in 2007. It was on Ian MacNeil working with young hockey prospects to get scholarships to Division 1 universities.
    If you have that article would it be possible for me to receive it electronically?

  14. Robert Browning says:

    Do you have any Detroit newspapers in your microfilm collection?

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      Yes we do have some Detroit papers in our microfilm collection. Here are the holdings:

      Detroit Advertiser and Tribune: Jul. 10, 1862-Dec. 1868

      And the Detroit Free Press:
      Jun 5, 1837 – Dec. 31, 1839;
      Jan.1, 1850 – Jun 9, 1863;
      Jan. 1, 1869 – Jun. 3, 1876;
      Jan 1, 1880 – Jan. 2, 1881.

  15. Michael Manka says:

    Hello. My name is Michael Manka. My family and I immigrated from Poland in 1989 when I was 7 years old. In the summer of 1990 my brother and I went to a week long camp away from home. During our visit to the camp my brother died in a horse back accident. There was a write up about my brother the Windor star did in the summer of 1990. I don’t recall the month or day. Is there any way you can help me locate the article done by the Windsor Star? His name was Daniel Manka and he was 10 years old on the day of his death. Thanks

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      Michael, I have forwarded your message to our Genealogy Specialist. He will get back to you as soon as soon as possible. Thank you.

  16. Windsor Public Library says:

    The Windsor Daily Star was renamed The Windsor Star in 1959.
    The Star’s changing name
    The Windsor Record (1888)
    The Border Cities Star (1918)
    The Windsor Daily Star (1935)
    The Windsor Star (1959)

    This link will bring you to the first page of the Windsor Daily Star dated from October 2, 1935 (though the Google version of the newspaper doesn’t seem complete). Unluckily, I wasn’t able to find the specific article browsing quickly through the pages of the Windsor Daily Star. If you follow the link, zoom out using the magnifying glass then click on the right arrow near the top of the page to go to the next page, hopefully you will have better luck than I had.

    For more information, you can call Tom Vadjik, Librarian, at 519-255-6770, or come to the library and browse through our microfiches. On line, you can also request the help of a librarian using the Ask a librarian service which is accessible from this page.

  17. Anon Y. Mouse says:

    Sorry the deadline was missed, but the article is available online through the Google News Archive. Here is the link:

    If that link doesn’t work, you can start here: and click on The Windsor Star and then search for August 22, 1977.

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