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6 Responses to "Ask a Librarian"

  1. Gerard M. Kenny says:

    I think I used the wrong form above. A book you say I have not returned was returned on Sunday morning with 4 other books @ fontainebleau Library…Title (.’and then they were nuns’)…this has happened before this summer and you found the missing book at the Library….please be more careful on book returns. They were placed in the outside book drop off!!

    • Leisa says:

      Thank you for contacting us, Gerard. Your question has been forwarded to Fontainebleau library and they will follow up with you. You can also contact 519-255-6770×5000 to speak with them directly.

  2. Scott Wigle says:

    The name of one of your missing books sounded familiar. I purchased it sometime in the mid to late 60s. I’m sure we can work out a deal if you still need the book. (Racing and Sports Car Chassis design)


    • Peter Saffran says:

      Scott, thanks for your concern and reply. I am looking for as many as 60 books that I had in my collection. Unfortunately my own searches have come up empty. I will decline on the offer but thanks again.

  3. Peter Saffran says:

    Sir/Madam: I relocated back to the Windsor area on Jan 14 from Waterloo. My mover did not completely unload two blue tubs (containing automotive books). One tub contained valuable automotive books that I was keeping however now the mover claims no knowledge. If your Library facilities happen upon books such ‘Racing and Sports Car Design’ by Mike Costin or ‘H-Poin” by Stuart Macey or “The Automotive Body: Vol 1” by L. Morello can you contact me via the email address above. I consider these books personal property and stolen by the mover. They may re-surface at any time.

    Peter A. Saffran, P. Eng

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      Peter, we do not purchase previously owned books and do not accept book donations anymore. Nevertheless, I sent your message to our Automotive Archives Department.

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