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Since 1984, the Windsor’s Community Archives has been acquiring, preserving and making available historic records of the City of Windsor, its boards and commissions. The archives contain over 7,500 photographs and 20,000 sets of architectural drawings, maps and plans available for viewing by customers. Records date back to the late 1700’s, although records for Windsor start in 1854, the year Windsor was incorporated as a village. Documentation on communities that became part of Windsor (Ford City/East Windsor, Ojibway, Riverside, Sandwich, Walkerville and the Townships of Sandwich East, West and South) are included and available for viewing. The multi-media collection includes paper documents (journals, letters, diaries), posters, audio tapes and ephemera.

The Archives also holds a number of private collections such as the W.F. Herman Papers, Windsor Local Council of Women and Papers of Green Shield Prepaid Services Incorporated.

Everyone is welcome to research the Archives’ holdings, which cannot be loaned, but may be used in the Archives’ Reading Room. Requests have ranged from finding architectural drawings, to researching war criminals, to identifying an item, to researching old maps to finding sewer connections. What ever you may be in search of, there are guides and indexes to lead you through the collections and friendly, helpful staff waiting to assist with your questions. Some access restrictions may apply to certain records in order to protect privacy. Photocopying is available for most documents. Charges apply for reprographic services. To make the most of your visit, we ask that you come with paper and a pencil.






MS1 Arts and Letters Club, 1921-1943
MS2 George F. Macdonald Collection, [ca.1831]-1963
MS3 Morrison Literary Papers, 1925-1954
MS4 A. Douglas Waddell Collection, [ca.1918], 1927-1953
MS5 Hallam Collection, 1884-1982
MS6 W. F. Herman Collection, 1920-1949
MS7 The Honourable James Baby Chapter I.O.D.E., 1921-1975
MS8 J. Lewis Robinson Collection, [ca. 1707]-1984
MS9 Wallace Renaud Collection, 1928-1933
MS10 Fuller Family Papers, 1855-1918
MS11 Guillot Family Papers, 1870-1912, 1951
MS12 Leonard N. Simons Collection, 1838-1839
MS13 Deaccessioned
MS14 Records of the Children’s Aid Society, 1888-1981
MS15 Gray Family Papers, 1854-1897
MS16 Davis Collection, 1888-1894
MS17 Canadian Inventory of Historic Buildings, 1975, 1977
MS18 Ontario Association for the Control of Accidental Poisoning, 1956-1983
MS19 Windsor Local Council of Women, 1934-1978
MS20 George Y. Masson Collection, 1916-1981
MS21 Border Cities Wire and Iron, 1920-1981 (not inclusive)
MS22 Music, Literature and Art Club Collection, 1902-1972
MS23 Rotary Club of Windsor Collection, 1914-1996 (not inclusive)
MS24 John Stodgell Collection, 1780-1935
MS25 Papers of Green Shield Prepaid Services Incorporated, 1942-1984
MS26 Brophey Papers, 1847, 1895, 1926-1960
MS27 Papers of Walter P. Wall, 1919-1922, 1933-1975
MS28 Iler Family Papers, 1820-1821, 1884-1911
MS29 Windsor Centennial Music Festival, 1966-1989
MS30 Smith Family Papers, 1870-1969
MS31 Records of Lanspeary’s Limited, 1915-1968
MS32 Records of the Home of the Friendless, 1889-1934
MS33 Records of Windsor Medical Services Incorporated, 1939, 1951-1970
MS34 Windsor Symphony Society, 1929-1989
MS35 Allen Collection, 1906-1967
MS36 Windsor Theatre Guild Collection, [1930?]-[1971?]
MS37 Haddow Collection, [after 1920]-1976
MS38 The Windsor Torch Club Collection, 1951-1987
MS39 The Lambie Family Collection, 1852-1905
MS40 The Walkerville Mercury, 1890-1891
MS41 St. Leonard’s Society of Canada Fonds, 1954-1988
MS42 N/A
MS43 Bruce J.S. Macdonald Fonds [189-?]-1986
MS44 Charles R. Knight Collection 1948-1954
MS45 Education Council of Windsor 1944-1957





RG1 Records of the Chief Administrative Officer, 1955-1985
RG2 Records of the City Clerk’s Department, 1854-1993
RG3 Records of the Finance Department, 1853-1988
RG4 Records of the Building Department, 1904-1976
RG5 Records of the Amalgamated and Annexed Municipalities, 1858-1976
RG6 Records of the Windsor Utilities Commission and its Antecedents, 1892-1957
RG7 Records of the Amalgamated and Branch Libraries, 1906-1972
RG8 Records of the Windsor Police Services Board and Windsor Police Services, 1861-1994
RG9 Records of the Legal Department, 1864-1988
RG 10 Records of the Planning Department 1919-1991
RG 11 Records of the Mayor’s Office 1963-1992
RG 12 Windsor-Essex County Development Commission Fonds 1927- [198-?]

36 Responses to "Archives/Local History"

  1. Kaleigh Sanio says:

    I am looking for pictures of the buildings that used to house KPMG, Brokenshire, Scarff & Co, and/or Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. Can you help me?

  2. Ian Mason says:

    Greetings, Would you be able to provide the accession number for the following sketch identified as ‘Rough View of Sandwich, Western District, Upper Canada in 1833’ as found in the George F. Macdonald Historical Collection? I would like to be able to include the image in a history of the Upper Canadian Rebellion of 1838 in the St. Clair District. Thank you. Sincerely, Ian Mason, Secretary, Heritage St. Clair, municipal heritage committee of St. Clair Township, ON

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      I have forwarded your request to the appropriate department. One of our librarian will reply to you shortly.

  3. Kendra Nespoli says:

    I’m looking for photos of the building at 2629 Riverside Drive West (the old St Basil Institute). Any guidance as to where I might find these would be appreciated.

  4. Janice Kinderman says:

    My grandfather was one of the founders of Saint Angela’s Church. I was told there was a newspaper article with his picture in it and that there is also a plaque with his name on it. I am working on a family tree and I would love a copy and any information to add to it. His name was Joseph (Giuseppe) Falsetto. I would very much appreciate your help.

  5. john says:

    I am trying to do some research for a neighbor, he is searching for the article from the newspaper from 1951-52 on an accident somewhere in Windsor. The mans name is Antonio D’Angelo the accident was on a Sunday. The car had Michigan Plates…..can someone tell me how to go about looking this up.

    Thanks John

  6. Florence says:

    I would like the front page of February 4 1966 Windsor star It is my-son-in-laws 50th birthday & would like to get this framed for him. Also I would like his birth notice if possible


  7. Sheila Sinclair says:

    I am searching for Windsor yearbooks for 1954/55 and 1955/56 for Walkerville, Patterson and Kennedy. Can you help me or give me suggestions.

    Thank you.

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      The Windsor Public Library does have a number of yearbooks from various high schools.
      For Walkerville, our collection includes the years 1954, 1955 and 1956. For Patterson Collegiate, we also have 1954, 1955 and 1956. Although we have a large collection of yearbooks for Kennedy, our collection does not have the years that you are interested in. You may have to contact Kennedy Collegiate to see if they have a complete collection of their yearbooks, or the offices of the Greater Essex County District School Board. This board also includes the schools in Windsor.

  8. Nick Kennedy says:

    Hi, I contacted you last year asking where Nick and Margaret Rickert lived in Windsor. I got a reply but I cannot seem to find it. They were my grandparents who also had a cottage out on Lake St. Claire. I have fond memories of visiting them summer of 1965. I was 12. I remember they lived close to a school, b/c I used to play baseball there. Could you retrieve that info for me? Thank you, Nick Kennedy.

  9. Christine Holt says:

    looking for a article in the Windsor Star issue 27 in 1948 …regarding an ad about Wilmac Tractor ..from the Wilmac Engineering Limited in Windsor
    Can you help me
    thank you

  10. Eleanor Warren says:

    Two obituaries needed that are not in the google search archives of the Windsor Star. Do you have access to April 30, 1962 (Louise Major) and November 14, 1957 (Maxime Major)? If so, is it possible to email these obits and bill me? Thank you so much.

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      Eleanor, I have sent you the obituary for Maxime Major in an mail as it was available through the Google Archives.
      For the first obituary, our librarians will have to do a bit more research. Please click on the following link and fill out the form provided and a librarian will get back to you asap.
      Please as much details as possible and specify the date of the obituary.


  11. Bernadette Kuzniak says:

    I was wondering if there is a picture available of the Texaco station that was located at 3298 Dougall Avenue back in the 80’s. My grandson is very interested in his grandfathers business & we never took any photos.
    Thank you.

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      The archives has a number of aerial photographs showing the Gateway Plaza and the Texaco Station, they were taken in the early 80s by the Windsor Essex Development Commission. The cost per photograph is $20.00. For more specific information, please contact Mike Fish in the Archives directly at (519) 255-6770 x 4414.
      Opening Hours for the Archives can be found here.

  12. Susan says:

    Hello, I am looking for WD Lowe SS year books 1943-1949. I was told that WPL maintained a collection of local high school year books. Is this correct and how can I view them?

    • History Librarian says:

      It is true that the Windsor Public Library does have a good collection of High school yearbooks, including Lowe Technical School. The years covered for W.D. Lowe are: 1952, 53, 54, 55, 61-62, 62-63, 64-65, 65-66, 69-70, 70-71, 71-72, 1981 and 1983. Unfortunately, the year that you need is not in our collection.
      All of our high school yearbooks were obtained by donations from the public.

  13. Kristy Love says:

    Hello, I am currently looking for the original floor plans of an old house located in Sandwich, though I am not sure where to start looking, any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      The archives does have architectural drawings in its holdings. If you would like to check and see if we have any drawings for the house you are interested in, just email us the street address of the house you are interested in.

  14. Sherry says:

    I am trying to find my son’s birth announcement from sept 28th 1988. I now live in BC so I can’t go to the Library. I have tried the Internet bug I can’t find anything. I am hoping you can help me. I am also in search for my daughters may 11, 1991
    Thanks Sherry

    • Tom V says:

      Birth announcements are found in the Windsor Star. We do have the back issues of the Windsor Star on microfilm going back farther than 1988. There is a $5.00 fee for scanning the birth announcements. The problem with birth announcements is that in half the cases, the announcement was placed 3 to 5 weeks after the birth of the baby. In order to find the correct date of the announcement, there is a $15.00 service charge. This may be refunded if the birth announcements are easy to find. If you are interested, please contact us at our Ask-A-Librarian mailbox at

  15. Jenna W. says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in finding the obituary of my mother’s friend, Susan Stanutz, dating December 8, 1975. Are you able to help me? Thank you in advance!

    • none says:

      The Google News Archive has that issue of the Windsor Star available online. The obituary can be found here, on page 33, at the bottom of the 3rd column:
      You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the obituary – I’m sorry, but I can’t link to it directly.

      • Jenna W. says:

        Thank you so much– this means a lot to both my mother and myself! Now we can finally go pay our respects to her friend. Just curious: Susan was killed in a car crash on the 6th of December, which was a Saturday, but I can’t seem to find any article relating to the accident. I understand that the Star didn’t and doesn’t run Sunday editions, but wouldn’t they have reported on the incident on the following Monday or Tuesday? Thank you again, it’s so appreciated!

    • Dennis F says:

      Hello Jenna, I just saw your request on here about Susan. I wanted to let you know that I was the first person to arrive on the seen of the crash. I was following behind maybe 30 seconds back I’m guessing so I didn’t actually see it happen. Anyways I won’t put any more details on here but if you are interested, I remember everything even though I was only 17 myself at the time. The accident still to this day bothers me and I think about Susan every now and then. Regards, Dennis

  16. Nick Kennedy says:

    Hi, I was born in Windsor in 1953, and I am trying to find out where my grandparents lived in the 60s. I remember visiting and playing across the street st a school. Their names wewe Nick and Margaret Rickert

  17. sandy says:

    looking for any articles on Bernard James Logan (father-in-law) he was a horse rider of King Clancy years ago. 2nd question looking for January 1 1967 car accident that my ex mother-in-law Dorothy Logan (bornais) was involved in. all or any info regarding these 2 people in Windsor e.g birth dates obituaries etc etc would be much appreciated please e-mail me at above addy thankyou for your time

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      Good afternoon, Sandy

      We can research these two topics for you. here are charges for articles sent out.The charges are $1.00 per page, with a minimum of $5.00
      We also charge for research time. The charges for research time are $60.00 per hour.

      In order to continue, we will need an e-mail from you with your consent, and also your address so that we can send you the bill.

      I was able to find the information about Dorothy, and that will cost $6.00
      However, I did a preliminary check for articles about Bernard James Logan, and could not find any articles listed about him.

      I would not recommend having us do research about Bernard James Logan because we would have to look at each newspaper on the microfilm machines. There is no guarantee that we would be able to find the articles in question.

      Tom Vajdik (
      Reference Librarian

  18. ATM INC says:


  19. Diane Thomson says:

    I have been sorting through some old books and have the following which might be of interest to you and which I would be happy to give to the Windsor Public Library and Archives.
    Windsor Curling Club Roster. 1960-1961 and 1961-1962
    Roach, Al. All Our Memories. c1981
    Roach, Al. All Our Memories II. c1986

    I look forward to your reply.

    Diane Thomson

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      The Library is generally not accepting book donations anymore but I did inquire about it and will let you know as soon as I get an answer from the two services. Thank you.

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