Paul Martin Building

The Paul Martin Building, also known as the Edifice Paul Martin, lends its beautiful architecture to Windsor’s Ouellette Avenue. It was designed by George Masson and Hugh P. Sheppard, a Windsor-born architect who also designed the YMCA and Windsor City

Paul Martin Building

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Hall. Currently federally-owned, it has housed Windsorites working in institutions including Canada Post, the Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Completed in 1934, the location of the 6-storey Art Deco building was chosen to establish the federal government’s authority and importance on the Windsor border. Over time, however, the building’s facade became damaged and dangerous until the Federal Government restored the building, with work finishing in 2017.

The building was renamed the Paul Martin Building in 1994 to honour the achievements of Windsorite Paul Martin (Senior), former Prime Minister of Canada. When the Federal government’s operations moved out of the building, the building was put up for sale.  There were plans for the City of Windsor to purchase the building in order to move the University of Windsor’s Law School downtown. However, provincial funding previously committed was rescinded by the newly-elected PC government and the University of Windsor decided not to move the Law School downtown.


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