Black Moss Press

Black Moss Press is a literary press based in Windsor. It was founded in 1969 by local author, poet, journalist, and professor Marty Gervais.

Since its inauguration, Black Moss Press has published more than 400 first edition books and has published the debut works of more than 100 new authors. Black Moss Press has published the works of such esteemed authors as Paul Vasey, Mary Ann Mulhern, Eugene McNamara, B.P. Nichol, and Bob Monks.

In January 2010 Black Moss Press began the online publication of Offside Magazine, a periodical dedicated to featuring news about books and authors associated with Black Moss Press, as well as literary news about the Windsor-Essex region.

Time Line:

– Black Moss Press founded in 1969 by Marty Gervais
– Offside Magazine launched in January 2010


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