Windsor will be celebrating Balloonapalooza downtown this weekend, and in honour of that event we will be looking at balloon related items that we have to offer in WPL’s collection!

The Red Balloon

This short film is about Pascal, a young French boy who discovers a red balloon on the streets of Paris. With very little dialogue, this movie captures the story of the boy and the balloon as they venture around “The City of Light” together. Described by many as a must-see childhood movie, The Red Balloon has received a whopping 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. It also won the Palme d’Or for court métrage at Cannes and an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Once Upon A Balloon by Bree Galbraith

This endearing children’s picture book tells the story of a young boy, Theo, who accidentally lets go of his balloon. In comes older brother Zeke, who knows all about where the balloon will end up. Of course, they all show up in Chicago, the Windy City, and into the hands of Frank, who is responsible for collecting all of the balloons. It is a playful story about childhood dreams, and will charm the youngest and oldest readers.

The Ice Balloon: S.A. Andrée and the Heroic Age of Arctic Exploration by Alec Wilkinson

This ebook is about Swedish Astronaut, S.A. Andrée, who in 1897 went to explore the North Pole by flying there in a hydrogen balloon. Using papers, diaries and photographs, Wilkinson weaves together a very interesting story about this treacherous trek to the Arctic. Thousands of people before Andrée attempted this journey, and many died in their goal of finding the North Pole. You can read about the perils of dealing with ice, and see how this very adventurous feat came to a tragic end.

Extreme Balloon Tying by Shar Levine

Have you ever dreamed about becoming clown? Well now you can! This easy-to-use guide will teach new entertainers or old how to tie over 40 different balloon sculptures. Levine provides basic tying techniques, and rates all the sculptures on a level of difficulty, so you can determine what is best for you. There is everything from a killer whale and skateboard, to a baby and skeleton.

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