Me Before You

When Lou loses her comfortable (but dead-end) job, she’s at a standstill. With no training or education, the employment centre has little to offer until she agrees to be caretaker to a paraplegic.

Will Traynor was once a virulent and physical man; climbing mountains, sky diving, romancing women, until a car accident left him a paraplegic. Me Before You follows the friendship and eventually romance between an unlikely couple.

I found this book through a Huffington Post article titled 5 Books That Will Rip Your Heart Out, I was hesitant but hey it was available at my library and I thought why not? And I am so grateful that I did. Me Before You grabbed my attention from the first chapter and I just couldn’t put it down.

The portrayal of Will Traynor is a heartbreakingly accurate depiction of the life a paraplegic. Health issues, and the physical and social limitations really open your eyes to the plights of this group of people. You realize just how hurtful stares and whispers can be.

At times funny, often heart wrenching and always thought provoking, Me Before You is an amazing story of friendship, love, growth and healing. If you enjoy emotional novels with strong characters, this novel is for you. You’ll love them, hate them and ultimately weep for them.

Check out Me Before You or any of Moyes other candid tales.

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