Mr. Mercedes

On a damp, chilly morning in a Midwestern city, a psychotic driver plows into a crowd gathered for a job fair, killing eight. It’s a horrific scene that plagues the hearts and minds of an entire city, but specifically of Bill Hodges,  the lead detective that was unable to catch the perpetrator.  One year later, Hodges is on a downward dive of depression and suicidal thoughts. Although he’s retired, the ones who got away continue to haunt him.

When he receives a letter from the self dubbed Mr. Mercedes, Hodges finds a new will to live; to catch an unrepentant mass murderer and stop another massacre from happening. Teaming up with an odd collection of sidekicks, Hodges questions his actions and prejudices in the first investigation, bringing him closer than ever to catching the notorious Mercedes killer.

In  King’s latest novel, he veers away from the mystical and delves into something just as disturbing, the sick mind of a killer. Fast paced, thrilling and just as exhilarating as his other works, Mr. Mercedes keeps readers on the edge on their seats.

If you love a good hard-boiled detective novel, check out Mr. Mercedes (Book or AudioBook). It is sure to surprise and thrill you, and there’s even more to come. King revealed on Twitter that “MR. MERCEDES is the first novel in a projected trilogy. Hodges, Jerome, and Holly will return in FINDERS KEEPERS next year.”

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