Summertime Reading With E-Books

With summer fast approaching many people are planning for vacations with trips out of the city. Along with the questions “where to go?” and “how long will I stay for?” comes the query, “what will I bring to read?” While it’s great to bring a book along for relaxing on the beach, lazing about camp, or to read while traveling to your destination, there is also the extra heft that comes along with lugging a suitcase full of reading material. Let Windsor Public Library lighten your luggage by using our e-book services.

By downloading e-books onto your e-reader or tablet you have access to your favorite authors and books on one convenient device. Our services allow you to borrow up to 20 titles at a time, so feel free to load up your device for the trip and leave that suitcase of heavy books behind. For avid readers, these titles can be returned and exchanged for new books anytime and anyplace with available wi-fi service. Instead of lugging around your own library with you, our e-book services let you have access to over 9000 titles on one handy device. Don’t have an e-reader of your own? No need to worry. Windsor Public Library also loans out Sony Readers that you can take with you on your trip.

Whether going to the beach with Baldacci, settling around the campfire for a ghostly Stephen King story or breezing through your travel-time with Evanovich, our convenient e-book services are ideal to help with your summer reading. Click here for more information on our e-book services and feel free to participate in the Big Library Read taking place over the next two weeks.

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