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The results are in from our Goodreads poll and it looks like WPL’s readers enjoy reading young adult (YA) books! 66.7% of respondents let us know that they “sometimes” read YA books with 22.2% reading them “often.” The combined total of 88.9% reading YA titles either sometimes or often is pretty strong. It looks like we love YA! Only 11.1% of readers said they read them “rarely” with no one saying that they never read YA titles.

If you are one of our YA fans, join WPL’s Goodreads group to participate in our monthly discussions and let us know what you think. If you have a favourite YA book sound off on our poll; if you don’t see your favourite book listed you can add it! If you don’t already read YA you might find that popular titles listed are a great way to start!

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