Windsor Public Library at Ontario Library Association Superconference

Librarians, library staff and board members from all over Ontario learned about the great things happening in our Self-Publishing Lab, thanks to a poster presentation we exhibited at the Ontario Library Association Superconference in Toronto.  The poster demonstrated how what we are seeing in the Lab is that users are not just focused on the Espresso Book Machine™,   but that there is a strong sense of community growing around the Lab.  It has become a place where writers of all ages and abilities can gather to encourage and support each other, no matter what their writing goals are. 

Many thanks to the WPL Writers’ Group and other users of the Lab for contributing stories about their experiences with our Services, and for making the Lab such a success.  Although Windsor Public Library was the first public library in Canada to offer such a service, many more public libraries are now following suit, including Edmonton Public Library and Toronto Public Library.

The poster presented at OLA can be seen in the Self-Publishing Lab through the month of February.  The next meeting of the WPL Writers’ Group is Tuesday, February 11 at 7 pm.  All are welcome!

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