Brian’s Corner – A Sandwich Library Live Children’s Club giving back story

VALUED VOLUNTEERS – Sandwich Library is alive, in part, due to of our enthusiastic, vital, valued, volunteers. I have had a remarkable team of amazing volunteers over the past 20 years. I would like to introduce some of them to you over the next few months.

It has only been a few weeks since Brian Stocks started meeting with several of the boys in our SANDWICH Library Live Children’s club. At Brian’s Corner you will find club members conversing over board games, talks about books, doing writing assignments I give them, and so much more as friendships build and get stronger. 

Alex, a writer in grade 7 at General Brock school says, “Brian is extraordinary, experienced (a nice way of saying older gentleman ), and joyful.  That is why we get along so well and I like him.”

Brian has a long connection with the Sandwich Community. These are his reasons for becoming a valued Sandwich Library Volunteer.







I moved to our home on Edison Street (between Felix St. and Brock St.) in 1957 when I was 11 years old. I enrolled in General Brock school in Grade 6. Our school did not have a gym, so we used Maisey Hall in Sandwich United Church (now Bedford United Church). After graduation from Brock, I attended Forster High School.

One of my careers was as a Caseworker for the Big Brother organization, and my caseload was on the west side of Windsor, and I worked with many families in the Brock area. In another career with the Lung Association, I participated in many programs aimed to improve air quality in west Windsor.

I have much respect for those individuals and businesses who continue to work hard to maintain a vibrant spirit for the Sandwich community. When I learned that Janet Brown was starting an after school program at the Sandwich Library, I immediately offered to help as a volunteer. I have many fond memories of living in the Sandwich community and I want to ‘give back’ in appreciation.”

IN THIS PHOTO   you will see Brian Stocks (also a former school teacher) on the left and on the right, Brock School teacher for 17 years, Brian Bartlett. Both Brian’s have an powerful impact the students in the Sandwich Library Community and I’m grateful to have them as part of my programming.

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