The Buzzed Bee: Canada 150 Edition

Since the summer of 2016, Windsor Public Library has been hosting a special type of spelling bee: the Buzzed Bee. Taking place at Phog Lounge (157 University Ave West), this fun-filled spelling bee gives adults an opportunity to relive their grade-school glory days, and show off their spelling prowess.

The next round of the Buzzed Bee will take place on June 15th. This time around, we’ll be honouring Canada’s 150th with patriotic and Canadian themed words. As always, the winner will take home bragging right and tens of dollars in prizes!

The Buzzed Bee starts at 7:00 pm. To register, give us a call at 519-255-6770 ext. 3310. Join us for the fun on the 15th, and if you do decide to drink at the event, remember to drink responsibly.

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  1. Miss Kate says:

    Congratulations, on one of the most fun literacy events I’ve seen in ages!

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