Heritage Tree Program

[the following announcement was released by FORESTS ONTARIO, a Government of Ontario agency]

Forests Ontario and the TD Bank Group have joined together to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial by working with communities across Ontario to commemorate 150 trees through the Heritage Tree program. The program recognizes trees, our living monuments, based on their social, cultural, and historic significance.

Many of our oldest and largest trees or even groups of trees are closely linked to significant events and figures from our past. Heritage trees are a vital part of our landscape – whether they are growing in a forest, a park or in an urban area. These trees are revered for their beauty, shade, and connection to our history. They can also be a valuable source of important seeds, having survived for generations.

Anyone is invited to nominate a tree for the Heritage Tree Program. Forests Ontario provides freely accessible guides and resources on how to recognize potential heritage trees. Using these resources, individuals, community groups, and classrooms can submit trees for recognition as heritage trees. Nominations are assessed by trained evaluators.

Recognized Heritage Trees are added to Forests Ontario’s database that maps heritage trees across the province that shares each tree’s unique story. In addition, Forests Ontario provides a plaque to mount on the Heritage Tree and certificate that highlights its status as a heritage tree. All successful nominators receive a one year membership in Forests Ontario, and trees receive a plaque and certificate.


In Windsor, two Heritage Tree Recognition ceremonies will be held on Monday May 8 at 3:00 p.m.  The first location is 4219 Roseland Drive West, and the second will be announced later.

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