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Question: What do the following headlines have in common?

-Pack Like a Pro
-Mall Snacks from Hell
-How to Prepare a Car for Winter
-Online Shopping Dangers to Avoid
-Sizzling New Smart Phones
-Where to Buy Electronics

Answer: They are all articles from the December 2014 issue of Consumer Reports, and they are are all available ONLINE for FREE through the Windsor Public Library.

The Holiday shopping season is upon us.  Newspaper inserts, toy guides, radio jingles, and store fronts are chock-full of reminders that it’s time to start thinking about the goodies we plan to purchase for those nearest and dearest to us.  Some people enjoy the rush of starting and finishing on December 24th – no planning, all impulse.  Others like to do a little (actually a lot) of research before committing to any purchases.

Here at the library we get a lot of questions about which E-Readers, Tablets, Smartphones, and many of the other latest and greatest devices make good gifts.  You can only imagine how delighted our customers are when we teach them how to access the 2014 Consumer Reports Buying Guide online through our databases!

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on RESEARCH and then Databases
  3. Choose MasterFILE Premier (Under Research > For Everybody)
  4. Enter your Library Card & PIN number
  5. You are now inside the database
  6. Click on Publications (in the top menu)
  7. Type in Consumer Reports or Consumer Reports Buying Guide
  8. Click on the link to your publication.  This will bring you to a new screen.
  9. Click on the menu (right side of page) to choose the issue you’re looking for.  Once you click on an issue, you will see all of the articles from that issue available as PDFs.  Open and enjoy!

consumer reports ss2

Not sure exactly which issue to consult? You can use Advanced search to browse.  Enter your subject (ex. E-Readers) and Consumer Reports as the Journal Name.

If you would like us to walk you through the process, just give us a call. We also have print copies of these publications available. Learn more about where they can be accessed by searching in our catalogue:

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