Congratulations to Ms. Janet and Windsor Public Library!

We are thrilled to announce that the Penguin Random House Foundation has awarded Windsor Public Library a grant through its inaugural Library Awards for Innovation search. This award recognizes the most innovative public libraries and library staff for community-based library programs that engage citizens in reading and strengthen the social and cultural fabric of their community. This year only, Canada was eligible to compete, and Windsor Public Library was the only Canadian library to be named a recipient. You can read more about the award and the winners here.

The program for which our library was granted this award is Ms. Janet’s Library Live! Teen Mentor Program.  Ms. Janet’s “army of volunteers” is a regular fixture at Central library, helping younger children in programs, while at the same time gaining valuable social and employment skills. Teen mentors who have gone through the program are now in medical school, are studying to be engineers, are traveling across the world, and are successfully navigating their way through life. And they give high praise and due credit to Ms. Janet’s program.

As one woman (now studying neuroscience) who passed through the program writes, “I owe so much of my success to Ms. Janet and all that she has done for me as a mentor. I can’t speak of her highly enough – I am so grateful and indebted to her. Her work has made an incredible difference in my life, not to mention all of the other teens who have volunteered for her or the youth that have participated in the program.”

To learn more about volunteering at the library, check out our Volunteer page.

Congratulations and thank you to Ms. Janet Brown for allowing Windsor Public Library to nominate your program for such a cool award.

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  1. Dena Nazer Yasmeen's Mom says:

    I read this today and I thought of you!
    You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
    Maya Angelou,
    writer and civil rights activist

  2. Ula Pomian says:

    Wahoo! Hooray!

  3. Dillon Brown says:

    I’ve seen libraries across the US and in Toronto making significant efforts to involve young people in programs outside of school. I find this quite enlightening because it gives them a chance to explore learning and social interactions with a greater diversity of fellow students a skill that is essential for work in a more global economy. To have a leader like Janet who really cares about them and to bring in volunteers who gain as much as they give, makes me proud to see the city I grew up in as a wonderful leader in advancing the future of its young people. Good luck and continued success.

  4. Tracey Thomas says:


    It makes me so proud to be a Windsorite and knowing how much is invested to the youth downtown particularly as the encouragement sown allows us to reap benefits in the achievements of our youth in the future!

    Congratulations! Keep up the awesome good work.

    • JANET BROWN says:

      MY ROCK – MY SUPPORT we are both so busy in our journey in life but you are an inspiration to me and I will continue to follow your amazing example. Thank you.

  5. Ula Pomian says:

    My name is Ula Pomian. I am very, very proud to be part of Ms. Janet’s club. This makes me very happy!

  6. Lillian Gallant says:

    Congratulations on a much deserved recognition. Thank you Ms. Brown for all you do for our community and our families!! Cheers!!

    • JANET BROWN says:

      Thank Lillian for your comments. You know it is people like you and your children – now grandchildren that make this all worth it. Take care.

  7. Laura-Lee Campbell says:

    To Miss Janet and the Windsor Public Library: As a former and oftentimes current volunteer: Thank you for giving me and others like me a place to thrive while helping children thrive as well. Miss Janet’s programs are a masterful collection of colourful, educational, helpful, social and fantastic experiences for children and volunteers alike. CHEERS Miss Janet and Windsor Public Library.

    • JANET BROWN says:

      Laura-Lee I still remember you smiling after a day of reading MORTIMER a million times to make our literacy day a great success. YOU AND VOLUNTEERS LIKE YOU ARE KEY TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS PROGRAM. THANK YOU.

  8. JANET C. BROWN says:

    To the team at Penguin Random House Foundation thank you for creating this way to encourage and motivate all of us who work in similar programs across Canada and the US. Thanks to the amazing, dedicated, hard working TEEN VOLUNTEER-MENTORS, Sue Perry for writing this grant, Kitty Pope for finding out about the grant. A great team effort. Couldn’t have got this without you. Here’s to more great years ahead.

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