Winter is Coming…Better Stock up at WPL

Last week I read a very depressing weather forecast in the Windsor Star; it looks like we’re in for a cold winter and I am in no way prepared. It’s time to winterise my home, think about getting snow tires, hide under a blanket, and stock up on library materials!

Even though, as a librarian, I’m in the library nearly every day, I almost always have at least 20-30 library items checked out especially in the winter. What if I was snowed in with nothing to read? I’d be miserable! I actually don’t mind being “stuck” at home if I’ve got a great supply of books to keep me company. Curling up with a good book and some hot chocolate or tea is my idea of bliss.images-1

So, how am I preparing? Well, for myself, I’m placing holds on all kinds of great books to read this winter! How can you prepare? Well, I read a lot, so I thought I’d help our wonderful WPL users by passing along some of the best titles I’ve read recently. I’ve made some lists to help you select some great books to read this winter and help you get through this — potentially — dreary winter.

I highly recommend just about anything we’ve brought to Rave Reviews, we all try to bring in some of our favourites so they tend to be very good reads! If you haven’t been reading much lately, you might want to start with my list of short novels or adult graphic novels since breezing through them can be a great way to build momentum. I’ve also created a list of books that I consider “unputdownable.” These are books that I’ve enjoyed so much I haven’t wanted to do anything else until I’ve finished them so they’re perfect if you’re stuck at home. You might also try some of my favourite unusual mysteries (most of them don’t even involve murder!) or check out non-fiction titles like my lists of fun science reads, hilarious biographies, or books about the science of sex.

Finally, if you are snowed in at all this winter and happen to be without any library books you’ll want to be familiar with the WPL’s e-book apps so that you can access books from anywhere! I use all of the apps but right now I’m falling in love with Hoopla which I use primarily for graphic novels and e-audiobooks but which has a great variety of content across electronic formats. One of my coworkers raves about Hoopla’s exercise DVDs and they have an excellent selection of children’s movies and e-books as well. I’m also addicted to Overdrive for e-books and e-audiobooks and I’m getting into Axis360 for brand new materials.

All of the WPL’s apps are pretty intuitive but if you need help you can always give us a call and have us walk you through the process or make an appointment for one-on-one assistance with your device. Just call 519-255-6770 x. 4434 any time we’re open we’re happy to help you with our website, any e-book questions you might have, or just help you place a hold on any materials that interest you.

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Miss Kate is a Public Service Librarian and has been with the Windsor Public Library since 2010. She's passionate about music, children's programming, book clubs, literacy, reference services, blogging, and libraries in general!

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