Downtown Transportation Strategy

Now available for review at the Central Branch is the City of Windsor’s final report of the Downtown Transportation Strategy. The study “is focused around the routine accommodation of improvements to active transportation modes” and considers vehicular capacity of specific roads,on-street parking and bicycle corridors.

Members of the public can read the report while in the library.  Ask for the document at the second floor reference desk.

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  1. David Hanna says:

    Windsor’s Downtown Transportation Plan. – Some good ideas I’m sure, if they include getting rid of some one way streets, improvement & utilization alleyways for alternate Pedestrian & Bike lanes, more bike lane and segregated bike lanes where possible, widening and enhancing sidewalks and street-scapes etc. But at what COST if the City of Windsor is going to willingly go along with supporting a rural location for the proposed new MegaHospital.

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