3D Printing Now at WPL!

What’s the latest buzzword in technology? 3D printing. What is that, you ask. Well, it is a method of creating a three-dimensional object from a digital file by using a device that adds layers of material (plastics) one after another. Where can you find this magical invention? The Downtown/Central location (850 Ouellette Ave) and our Seminole location of course!

Now for those of you who might stop reading here, let me tell you my better than 5 decades on this earth had me talking like my mother did when VCRs and answering machines came upon the scene in her lifetime. “All these crazy inventions seemingly coming upon the scene every month; it is just too much for me to learn and absorb. So I won’t.” But I did. And I liked it.

This technology will enable you to print/create pretty well anything provided the template online exists. And trust me…this technology is exploding so there are indeed a wealth of templates out there at sites like Thingiverse.com and Youmagine.com, and others. It isn’t just for your children either to create their Minecraft or Pokemon on.

Perhaps you have a business and you want to incorporate a 3D creation into an advertising campaign. Or maybe you want to organize your home to create wall mounts, a shower holder for shavers, a hanging plant arm, or bird feeders. Maybe those little plastic posts that you stick in the ground for your garden lights broke. Make a new one! There’s no limit out there on what you can create. A handy tip when looking what to download to your  SD card though, is to look if many created it  and what is said in the comments field about a particular design. If it is a viable design it will be reflected there.

Now since we all know the librarian stereotype…my first 3D print creation was to hurry up and make a boyfriend. My cats and I thought it a good place to start. He sits on my desk and just LOVES to read too. Next time you’re in, come say “hi!”

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Library Services at Windsor Public Library. I read an array of non fiction. I love travelling, gardening, cats and cooking - not necessarily in that order. I have been with WPL for 32 years; am a mother of grown twins, and I am waiting to become a grandma in the next chapter of my life.

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