Library Hubs Meeting Community Needs project seeking feedback

Earlier this year, the Windsor Public Library was thrilled to receive a grant from the Ontario Libraries Capacity Fund to develop a community hub of social services for those experiencing homelessness or living in poverty.  The goal of the Library Hubs Meeting Community Needs (LHMCN) project is to create an information service delivery model within library systems that will improve access to social services and work to ensure that all are welcome in our libraries. This project is being done in partnership with Guelph Public Library and Essex County Public Library, and the resulting toolkit will be shared with library systems across Ontario.

This project is currently in the research phase and is looking for input from those experiencing homelessness or living in poverty in each of the three geographic areas (Windsor, Guelph, Essex County). We want to understand how we can best serve these vulnerable populations.  An anonymous online survey is available here and paper copies of the survey are available at all Windsor Public Library branches. The information shared will be used to create tools that will help libraries better serve underprivileged populations across the province.

For more information please contact project lead Elaine Coventry at or 519-255-6770 x.4438

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  1. I just want to say that is a wonderful initiative that makes me proud to live in Windsor and patronize its library system. When I was a library clerk in the 80s in Little Rock, Arkansas, I found the library administration to be on the verge of violation of our homeless patrons’ civil rights in their treatment of them. I was happy when my manager let me put together a little map of the downtown showing the locations of all the food banks and soup lines as well as the plasma centre, which paid for plasma. Word of my little maps, which I printed out on pink paper, spread. Soon transient people coming in from the railroad yards were coming in to ask for one.

    • madeinwindsor says:

      Thank you for the supportive words, Kelly! Sounds like you really made a difference in that community and we’re hoping to do so in ours as well. The great thing about this research is that it will be shared with other library systems across the province as well!

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