Pokémon Go at Your Library

Twenty years into their existence, Pokémon might just be at the height of popularity. With the tremendous success of Pokémon GO, we’ve been getting a number of questions about what the game is, how to play it, and of course – “what is a Pokémon?” Long a popular series of television shows, books, movies, and video games, it has reached new heights with its new augmented reality game available on your smart phone.

Here are many of the questions we have been asked about the latest trend:



How do I download the game?

To play, you need an up to date smartphone. The game can be downloaded from wherever you download applications (such as the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS.)

Can I find them at the library?

Pokémon are found in real life locations. To play the game fully, it is best to have a smartphone with data (and be warned – it will drain your data and battery quickly.) If you want to play without using all of your data, you can find a game spot that also has Wi-FI – such as your local library! The Central Library has 2 Pokéstops, The Remington Park Library is a Pokégym, and libraries across the city are great places to play.

What Pokémon materials do you have at the library?

Lots! Catch em all by clicking here.

How can I ensure the game is played safely?

In the United Kingdom, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has created a great safe playing guide for parents and children. (Hat-tip to Toronto Public Library for finding it.) It is available here:

Pokémon Go: A Parent’s Guide

Where should I go in Windsor to play?

For a program to teach people to collaborate electronically and use Google Maps and Wikis, we’ve created a way for everyone in Windsor to help each other find good spots to play safely.

We have created an open online map, which you can add PokéStops and PokéGyms to. It is free for everyone to use, and we are asking people to mark down their favourite spots to catch Pokémon so that others can find great spots for playing. You can find and add to the the map here:


If you’d like to add to the map but aren’t sure of any spots, we have a list of spots that need adding on our PokéMapping Wiki. You can find it here:


Thanks to everyone who has decided to help each other with our PokéMap. Please feel free to share it, use it, and ultimately make sure that you can catch them all!

Pokémon at Central Library

Pokémon @ the Library

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