Mandalas Delight WPL’s Community Art Wall

WPL is delighted to introduce our next local artist, Ayesha Drouillard, to our Community Art Wall located at the Central Branch. Ayesha’s art is currently focused on creating wonderfully expressive and colourful Mandalas and sacred circles. She explains that she works intuitively, playing with colours and letting her heart guide her hands to create wonderful freehand designs.

“The process of creating the freehand mandalas is just as important as the finished piece. The making of each mandala is a journey within itself- an experiment, a flow of creative self-expression.”

Ayesha influences include Nature, metaphysics, Sacred Geometry and the exploration of other realms of consciousness.

She explains that “in Sanskrit, mandala means both circle and centre, implying that it represents both the visible world outside of us and the invisible one deep inside our minds and bodies.

Mandalas are not only beautiful, intricate patterns or designs within circles – they are powerful tools for inspiration, self-discovery, and healing. By creating mandalas or meditating on them, fragmented parts of our psyche can be healed. Just as mandalas are the graphic expression of the artist’s subconscious mind, so can they also speak straight to the subconscious mind of the person looking at them.”

Aeysha’s Mandala exhibition will be on display until July 29. Please come for a visit and sign our guest book and explore the wonders of this ancient practice.


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