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A while back I blogged about my penchant for binge watching television shows. It’s true, I love to binge on serialized television shows. This is particularly true since I don’t deal with suspense. I don’t have it in me to wait on cliffhangers so, if an episode leaves something unfinished, and I have the option of watching the next episode immediately, I will. Sometimes at the expense of preparing food, sleeping, bathing, and human interaction. Although, one might argue that my self-imposed exile is best for all involved when I’m in a semi-feral state from sleep deprivation, malnutrition, and overall lack of hygiene. You’re welcome, society.

So, for those who were curious, my Orange is the New Black binge watch began as something social with a friend, but on Saturday we watched 4 episodes which left me with 9 episodes I had to watch before doing anything else. I couldn’t even safely use social media because there might be spoilers! Spoilers are unacceptable when one has given up everything to enjoy a show as quickly as possible. At one point I briefly wondered if I could watch videos at a slightly increased speed like I do with some audiobooks — Hoopla and Overdrive give users the option of listening at varying speeds and I’ve found that at 1.25 or 1.5 I can “read” more without noticing much of a different — but I decided that a speeded up version of binge watching would make it impossible for me to consider my watching sane and pleasurable.

I feel that, having shared the immoderate side of my watching, I should highlight some shows that I’ve managed to watch at a more reasonable pace: sitcoms. I love watching an episode or two at a time when a show is sufficiently hilarious and free from suspense. Indeed, I’ve enjoyed many of WPL’s comedies like this and I didn’t enjoy them less than the shows on which I binged, I simply enjoyed them differently.

So, which shows would I recommend for a leisurely watching? First, Arrested Development is comes to mind; I tried to binge on its fourth season and found that I could only watch a few episodes in one sitting. I love putting on an episode of The Mindy Project, since Mindy Kaling always makes me laugh although I can’t quite handle The Office since the style of comedy makes me nervous. I love both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler so I can always enjoy an episode of 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation and I feel like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has the same sensibility. I’ve also loved watching new shows like Jane The VirginThe Big Bang TheoryModern Family and classics like FriendsSeinfeld, and Cheers. I’ve recently been introduced to Brooklyn Nine-nine and I’m looking forward to watching that series.

Feel free to check out the WPL’s growing collection of Television on DVD. These titles can be checked out for two weeks at a time — unless the item is high demand in which case the lending period is shortened to one week — to give you time to watch at your own pace. The DVD on Television collection is excellent and ever growing but we’re still alLots of great television shows on DVD available at the WPL!ways open to customer suggestions. If you don’t see something you’d like on our website please feel free to recommend a title on our website or mention your suggestions to a staff member in person and ask that they be forwarded appropriately. The collection is ever growing and we aim to have something for every viewer as well as every reader.

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