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I don’t consider myself a big TV watcher. I’ve occasionally put holiday decorations in front of the TV without thinking and friends have noted that I must not watch much TV if I don’t mind blocking my view. I like to think of myself as someone who prefers novels, time with friends, time outside…but the truth is, there’s just no moderation in the way I watch TV. It’s all or nothing for me. My name is Kate and I’m a binge-watcher and the Windsor Public Library is one of my enablers.

Take tonight, I’ll be inviting friends to join me in a television marathon this evening. We’re going to order pizza, eat junk food, maybe enjoy some wine and be glued to the television watching as many episodes of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black  (OITNB) as we can before passing out from exhaustion. Of course, at WPL we have copies of OITNB (seasons 1-3, with Season 4 to be added when it becomes available) as well as well as the book on which it was based. I know that my friends and I won’t be the only one binge watching OITNB this weekend. Netflix’s — and other similar services’ — method of releasing shows in whole seasons has increased the binge watching phenomenon has even posted an article listing the types of shows most likely to be binged on. There are even (presumably, tongue in cheek) articles on how to safely binge watch.

I’ve binged on all of OITNB’s past seasons but it’s hardly the only show I’d done this with. I enjoy bingeing on television suspenseful television series like Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad (and its prequel Better Call Saul), Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and Bates Motel (all of these from the WPL!) I have a love/hate relationship with cliff hangers and binge watching is a great option for people, like me, who aren’t great at suspense or delayed gratification. I have to place my holds early because I cannot wait to get to the next season once I’ve finished the one I’m watching.

The WPL has well over 2000 seasons of TV series available for checkout so there should be something for everyone. The Windsor Public Library can help fulfill your desire to binge watch and for free!  Our collection of TV series on DVD lets you check out series for 2 weeks (1 for high demand) allowing you to view at your leisure if you prefer viewing at a more moderate pace if you have more self-control than I do.

For those of you who enjoy downloading or prefer viewing on other devices we have Hoopla which offers Windsor Public Library customers 20 free (and legal!) downloads per month. So, you don’t have to subscribe to any paid services or resort to illegal downloading to enjoy shows on your PC, tablet, smartphone, smart-TV…or just about any device you you can think of!

So, no matter how you watch your TV, the WPL is willing and able to help you meet your television needs. Take advantage of our free downloads, check out a DVD (or ten!) and sit back and relax to watch your favourite show your favourite way. I know I will be.

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Miss Kate is a Public Service Librarian and has been with the Windsor Public Library since 2010. She's passionate about music, children's programming, book clubs, literacy, reference services, blogging, and libraries in general!

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