Video Poems on Display by Gregory Stasiak

With the relaunch of WPL’s freshly painted Community Art Wall, we are excited to announce our next exhibit from local artist, Gregory Stasiak. A member of the Arts Council of Windsor & Region and Artcite Inc; Stasiak’s exhibit mixes the mediums of both poetry and performance art to help us celebrate National Poetry Month for April 2016.

Through the use of an ATM machine, Stasiak creates what would seem to most, as an everyday encounter. However, people who stumble upon the machine will discover that rather than money, the ATM produces a video poetry display.

“This is a strategy that allows me to share my work with other people who surround me every day. It is a form of a ‘gift’ that might surprise them and bring a smile to their otherwise ordinary day.”

Stasiak believes that poetry exists all around us, in everyone and in everything we do. No one should feel excluded from experiencing poetry, therefore he has set up a performance piece for the average person to become a part of.

Originally from Poland, Stasiak holds a Masters of Pedagogy and has a colourful and diverse work background. Be sure to check out his Video Poem book “Reveries” which is the first of it’s kind. Available only on the internet, it consists of a series of thought provoking poetic video performances.

So come down to Central Library and check out this great exhibit and experience how “the moment of ‘poetry’ is all around us… all the time.”

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