Did you Know James Patterson Writes Funny Children’s books?



It was the author James Patterson’s birthday Tuesday, March 22. The Library Live Children’s Club celebrated by choosing their favourite children’s chapter books co-author with Chris Graberstein, I Funny and Robots Go Wild. They want to shared their JOY OF READING by showing you their favourite books. Click on READ MORE and click on the book titles to RESERVE YOUR COPY of one of these funny stories today.

Genaro, age 10, preferred the series I Funny – a middle school story.

Ricardo, age 9, loved the funny beginning of Robots Go Wild. He had to check it out to take home.

Chetanya, age 9, also loved  Robots Go Wild. “I like the jobs that the robots do.  Some have to chase squirrels other have to wake people up but they do it in a funny way.  The pictures are funny too.

Roxana, age7, picked the picture book  This Book Just Ate My Dog! by Richard Byrne

Jasmin, age 5, loved Zoom by  Jonathan Litton. It is a fun, colourful, and interactive book.

Astrid, age 10, prefers the Tom Gates series by Pichon, Liz all are funny.

The children also loved book series Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and The Adventures Of Captain Underpants.  Try reading some of these books if you like to laugh.

Have fun reading!  See you next time.

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