Visit WPL’s Seed Library @ Forest Glade Branch

Has the warm weather  got you thinking about starting your own garden? Now might just be the perfect time to give it a go! WPL has partnered with Windsor/Essex County Community Garden Collective to offer the city’s very first seed lending library! The program, which kicked off on March 21 at our Forest Glade Branch, offers over 50 varieties of seeds that you can borrow, plant and enjoy at home. Fun Fact: The seeds are even packaged in recycled CD cases for easy browsing. Just stop by Forest Glade Library to see what it’s all about. Once you’ve chosen your seeds to take home, don’t forget to check out our extensive selection of gardening books!

To hear all the details, listen to Seed Library coordinator, Adam Peltier’s, interview on CBC Radio.


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3 Responses to "Visit WPL’s Seed Library @ Forest Glade Branch"

  1. Ines says:


    I would like to borrow some seeds for my garden (Windsor University Community Garden) this season! I love this concept of seed bank and seed library, Way to go!
    I do not have a car, and the Forest Glade Branch is too far for me. Does the Public library has a system that does library exchanges with seeds? The Branch closest to mine is Windsor Public Library-Central so if seeds could be brought there from Forest Glade, that would be wonderful!

    Best wishes and thank you!

    • Leisa says:

      Thank-you for your comments and your interest in the seed library. I have forwarded your query and contact information to our seed library administrator at Forest Glade Library so that he may look into possible alternatives with you.

    • Adam Peltier says:

      Unfortunately there is no system in place for transferring seeds from Forest Glade to other locations of Windsor Public Library. Due to a risk of the seeds becoming damaged during our regular delivery of books other materials between library branches, the seeds are currently only available to checkout from our Forest Glade location. We apologize for this, but all locations of the library are on bus routes and accessible for those taking public transportation.

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