Retired Educator Jim Stuart Appointed to Windsor Public Library Board

Jim Stuart, a long-time educator and community advocate has been appointed to the Windsor Public Library Board to complete the 2015-2018 term.

Mr. Stuart has a deep appreciation for the important role the Windsor Public Library system plays in sustaining the intellectual and social needs of the Windsor Community. He looks forward to joining the Board as it implements its exciting facilities plans at the Optimist Community Centre, Budimir and the Old Fire Hall on Mill Street.

A member of the 2006-2010 Windsor Public Library Board, Mr. Stuart has a comprehensive understanding of the role the Windsor Public Library Board plays in the community and the role of individual board members. He served as Vice-Chair in 2007-2008.

The new board member taught at St. Clair College and the Windsor Board of Education and has a background in advertising, communications and marketing. He has also served the United Way and the Canadian Mental Health Association as a volunteer.

Mr. Stuart replaces the Hon. Howard Pawley, who passed away in December 2015.

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  1. D. Hanna says:

    Interesting that with the Windsor Library Board’s so called ‘new’ appointment, it reaches back to a time when their was so much controversy, rather than looking forward as it did with the appointment of Howard Pawley. So typical Windsor that it’s plain to see why progress in Windsor is so stifled. Multiple repeats on most the City of Windsor’s other Boards are problematic as well. Singular individual repetition on multiple Boards like the Windsor Port Authority, Windsor Police Services Board and Windsor Regional Hospital can only point to the obvious, why nothing of consequence ever gets done from a basis of often unqualified elitism or congenital favouritism.

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