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Author Neil Gaiman is promoting a novel idea*, giving away scary books for Halloween, and at WPL we’re here to help. We have nearly 100 titles by Gaiman; wonderful horror books for adultsteensand children; books about Halloween including some great craftsghost storiesparanormal romance novels; and all kinds of other wonderful books, movies, and games. This could also be a great time to explore classic horror like the works of Bram StokerMary Shelley, or Edgar Allan Poe.

There really is something for every reader. Since, technically, Gaiman’s suggesting you give scary books as gifts consider this an opportunity to give a friend or family member the free gift of an introduction to the library. It’s a great chance to remind a friend or family member the gift that gives them books, computers, and the ability to travel through time and space; if Santa considers a library card a gift I think it officially counts.


Me, I’ve taken All Hallows Read as an opportunity to read outside of my preferred genre. I’m currently reading Hannibal by Thomas Harris and I’m really enjoying a horror novel instead of my usual literary fiction. I love the excuse to get out of my comfort zone and read novels that challenge me and get me thinking in new ways.

AND there’s no need to limit scary reading to novels. Why not try a true crime book like something by Anne Rule, Erik Larson, or Vincent Bugliosi. Or try graphic novels versions of more traditional stories like a graphic novels like the graphic novel version of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire, The Walking Dead Graphic Novels, Arkham Asylum, or Alan Moore’s From Hell.

All Hallow’s Read is a great movement. I love the idea of anything that reminds people to read and, maybe push the limits of what they might typically consider. It’s a great activity for the whole family. Gaiman’s website is a wonderful resource for budding readers of the macabre and even presents an excellent list of books broken down by age group. Give it a try and happy reading.

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