This month, Bridgeview Library’s Failed It or Nailed It Adult Craft program was the Melted Crayon Art fad you can see all over Pinterest. The general idea is to secure a ton of crayons on a canvas and use heat to melt them into a work of art. Easy, you say? Well not quite that simple.

There are a couple tricks to the trade as we learned last week. The first question, whether or not to peel the crayon wrap off? Answer: not worth the time and hassle. Secondly, heat gun or hair dryer? Answer: the hair dryer was sufficient, though the heat gun may have dispersed the crayon better. This art project definitely needs lots of practice to get the results you can see on Pinterest, but we had a great time testing out the method.

Overall, we had a great time exploring this Pinterest inspired art project. Though our projects are still in the works, I think this month was a #NailedIt!

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