R.I.P. Jackie Collins

Prolific fiction writer Jackie Collins died of breast cancer this month at the age of 77. Collins was known for her steamy novels was considered the reigning queen of the Hollywood romance novel. Collins was aware of her reputation and, in a 2007 interview with the Times said she “never pretended to be a literary writer.” Her final novel, The Santangelos, was published in 2015 and appears to be up to Collins’ usual standards. Reviews suggested that one scene in particular added “spice to Collins’ usual stew of Hollywood depravity” and that she “never fails to entertain.”

Collins received an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2013. Upon her death author Jojo Moyes published a beautiful tribute to Collins in the Guardian. Collins’ sister, actress Joan Collins, had been nagging her sister to get a mammogram and it’s tragic to think that the loss of someone so talented may have been prevented by a routine medical test; WPL has a number of books on breast cancer since 25,000 Canadian women and 220 Canadian men are diagnosed with the disease annually.

In honor of Ms. Collins why not try one of her many books available at the WPL, check out a memoir by her sister, Joan. Or honour Jackie Collins’ memory by reading a good book including one of WPL’s books on breast cancer or a book on other types of cancer. Finally, learn from Collins’ example and take control of your health by learning more about your options for breast cancer screening and treatment in Canada.

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