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Inspired by the positive feedback we’ve been getting to our “What’s Cooking at WPL” features, we’ve decided to try something similar with our craft and DIY collections!  We’ve invited staff to submit photos of projects they’ve completed using materials from our shelves.  The books in our craft, decorating and DIY collections are among the most heavily used in the system. It seems that many of you turn to your public library for both instruction and inspiration. Our staff are no different. In addition to being keen readers and enthusiastic sharers of information, they are also a creative bunch!  Feel free to share photos of things you have made, built, created or upcycled with the help of WPL on our facebook page!


Fiona pets collageFIONA on Cats in Hats: 30 Knit and Crochet Patterns for Your Kitty by Sara Thomas:  “The title pretty much says it all. This book contains knit and crochet hat patterns which range from easy to difficult, designed for the fashion forward cat in your life.   I made two knit patterns from the book, and found both quite easy to make.  The patterns are easy to follow, even for the beginner knitter or crocheter. In the pictures we have Noah modeling the ‘Dinosaur Hat’ and the ‘Punk Mohawk’ hat.  Not wanting to be left out of the fun,  Olivia the Sheltie is also modeling her own larger sized ‘Dinosaur Hat’.”


Crochet book with bowlsCHRISTINE on Modern Crochet: Crochet Accessories and Projects for Your Home by Molla Mills:  “I’m always looking for fun and colourful ways to get organized. These simple crochet bowls and vases are the perfect vessels for my paint brushes, crochet hooks and other crafty supplies. I’ve crocheted bowls in the past but this book inspired me to try some more complicated shapes and styles. This book is filled with plenty of bold, simple crochet projects, many of which can be whipped up in no time. I also appreciate the clear instructions and love the modern colour palettes that the author has chosen. ”


fabric hoop lanternsCHRISTINE on Crafting a Colorful Home by Kristin Nicholas: “I came across the simple fabric lanterns in this book and thought they would be perfect for sprucing up a dull corner of our covered porch. I had a huge stash of embroidery hoops and this was the perfect opportunity to use some of them!  I recycled some old pillow cases for the fabric and voila! If you’re looking for ways to inject more colour into your home, this book is full of inspiration.”

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