Windsor Solar Project REA reports: for public inspection at Central

Windsor Solar LP is proposing to build a renewable energy generation project on lands owed by the City of Windsor and contained within the Windsor International Airport.

From now until the next public meeting to be held on Thursday January 29, 2015, copies of draft documents relating to the Windsor Solar Project, as required under the Environmental Protection Act, will be available for public viewing.  One set of the two binders of reports can be found on the second floor of the Central Branch of the public library.  Other copies are available at City of Windsor City Hall, or online at

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3 Responses to "Windsor Solar Project REA reports: for public inspection at Central"

  1. Dan Emrich says:

    I’m curious to know which company is doing this project seeing I’m interested in working on this project as a solar panel installer

  2. Jim says:

    It’s nice to see these projects come to fruition. Apparently the green energy sector employs more people than the oil sands. While it’s a shame that we have to do it, the costs of not doing it are far greater. It’s too bad that that the government underfunded electrical generation for a generation and now costs are skyrocketing because of it, but maybe investment like this will help Canada become a leader.

  3. Bob Rinshed says:

    These projects are destroying our economy.Look no further than our current skyrocketing energy costs. No company in their right mind would invest in a province where the costs of energy is so high. we have gone from being a powerful economic engine to being a have not province . Far too many dummies making decisions based on fantasy . Things are going to get much worse.Kick all green energy companies out of our country now.

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