Government Printer Peeks: November ed.

This time of year, many of the reports released by government departments and agencies are their annual performance reviews and summaries of accomplishments. Setting those aside, there are still publications attractive to a broader audience.

Those hard-to read nutritional labels on foods will be changing.  Health Canada includes proposed revisions to serving size descriptions.

Politicos will want to pick apart the findings of the investigation into Robocalls occurring during the last federal election.

Wondering about alternative ways of paying for online purchases?  The Bank of Canada produced this plain language description of the growing Bitcoin phenomena.

If you or someone you know makes use of a service animal and have travel plans in the future, then you will want to read “Traveling with animals that provide disability-related assistance”.

Or if you can’t get away to a warmer clime, here’s what you should know before visiting a tanning salon.

Finally, the Government of Ontario wants you to learn more about their plan for sustainable and reliable energy transmission.

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