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A fine voice, indeed.

Congratulations to local student, Enzo Campa, winner of the English Language division of the Poetry in Voice competition sponsored by the Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry. Assumption High School’s representative was one of hundreds of students, from more than 870 schools, who traveled to Toronto to demonstrate their recitation skills.  You can listen to the prize winning performers, made available through the CBC website....
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Teen Zone Trivia Challenge!

Have you checked out Teen Zone or Tween Scene? A drop in program for tweens and teens every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:15-4;45, we have some special events planned for May. Along with crafts, writing, board games and video games we also have a Trivia Challenge, Poetry on Demand (where poet Vanessa Shields will create poetry on the spot), Challenge a Guinness Book Record (if you beat the challenge,...
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Your Ideal Library Contest Recap

Thanks to the many of you of entered our final social media contest of the year!  We were inspired by all the wonderful things you’d love to see in the library of your dreams. From coffeeshops to community involvement, time machines to Ferris wheels, bicycle parking to friendly smiles…your ideas ran the gamut from the practical to the whimsical. We agree that ALL these things would be marvelous!  We’re just...
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