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Miss Kate is a Public Service Librarian and has been with the Windsor Public Library since 2010. She's passionate about music, children's programming, book clubs, literacy, reference services, blogging, and libraries in general!

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Rave Reviewed September 2017

Last week we got back to Rave Reviews after a summer break. It was so nice to be back and talking books with Rave Reviews this month. I’ve been away for a while and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed sharing book recommendations with such sensitive readers. It was a pleasure talking about what I’ve been reading and I have a feeling I’ll be reading some of the recommendations that were...
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Tis the Season to Binge on TV shows

I talk a lot about summer reading but, I must confess, while I’m just finished devouring the non-fiction title, The Radium Girls,* I’m also pretty heavily into binge watching season. So many of my favourite shows have just released seasons on Netflix and I’m midway through Orange is the New Black as well as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.** I’m loving them. But, as I’ve mentioned previously, you don’t need a Netflix account to enjoy some...
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From Reluctant to Ravenous: Get Your Child Reading this Summer

So, it’s almost summer vacation, and that can only mean one thing…reading! No, just me? I have fond memories of starting my summer vacation with a novel. For me, the end of school meant reacquainting myself with the joy of reading for pleasure. When I was an undergrad, that meant staying up all night reading Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace, when I was 9 it meant reading as many Archie Comics and Baby-Sitters Club (the cool kids...
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Rainy Day Reads!

It’s kind of miserable outside. It’s soggy and wet and kind of wonderful. Surely, I’m not the only one here who secretly loves this type of weather? It’s the perfect excuse to stay inside with a cup of tea and catch up on some reading! Since I’m at work and can’t curl up with a book right this second, I’m going to live vicariously through those of you who have the...
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An unforgettable read

I recently read a book that I can’t unread. Not that I would want to. I picked up Caitlin Doughty‘s book after watching a few episodes of her Youtube series Ask a Mortician. I’d been curious about her for a while and figured her book would help me understand my best friend’s job as a funeral director and maybe give us more to talk about.* Plus, I love reading books...
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