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Windsor Solar Project REA reports: for public inspection at Central

Windsor Solar LP is proposing to build a renewable energy generation project on lands owed by the City of Windsor and contained within the Windsor International Airport. From now until the next public meeting to be held on Thursday January 29, 2015, copies of draft documents relating to the Windsor Solar Project, as required under the Environmental Protection Act, will be available for public viewing.  One set of the two...
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Government Printer Peeks: November ed.

This time of year, many of the reports released by government departments and agencies are their annual performance reviews and summaries of accomplishments. Setting those aside, there are still publications attractive to a broader audience. Those hard-to read nutritional labels on foods will be changing.  Health Canada includes proposed revisions to serving size descriptions. Politicos will want to pick apart the findings of the investigation into Robocalls occurring during the...
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Government Printer Peeks

Recent events in Canada have many people debating how a balance can be found between discovering and preventing terrorist activities, and the protection of individual freedoms. Here are four government reports published within the last year considering these issues. Building resilience against terrorism: Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy ;   2014 public report on the terrorist threat to Canada;  What an IP address can reveal about you, and Introducing privacy-protecting surveillance:Achieving privacy and effective counter-terrorism....
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Government Printer Peeks (end of summer)

The economy figures prominently in today’s selection of online documents available from the senior levels of government. For an overview start with Recent Developments in the Canadian Economy (fall 2014). Then for a look at a specific sector the annual analysis of Manufacturing, 2013. Check out changes in Canadian Labour Productivity, and the state of the Labour Market in Canada since the last Recession. A final Canada – U.S. comparison...
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More Robots in the library

Did you see the recent news report about a self-building robot, based on origami principles? Well, we do not have any of those yet at the public library, but if you were at Central or Bridgeview this past Saturday, you could have watched local children be robot builders.  Couldn’t attend? Youngsters aged 9 to 14 years have another date to participate. Forest Glade Library will hold their robot program this...
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